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News /Trencher / Esquillax Split

Trencher / Esquillax Split

by Trencher/Esquillax

Formats: 10″ Vinyl (Mono 15)

Release Date: 5th December 2005



Trencher Side:

2004 John Peel Session recorded at Maida Vale Studios, London

1. attack of the sxe attackers
2. delusions of grindeur
3. blondes of meth
4. deja poo
5. row upon row of leper skulls
6. i lost all my hair in a skiing accident
7. trapped under a train……alive!

Esquilax Side:

1. thirteen deer in seven weeks
2. when I listen to you
3. daily affirmation
4. every nipple, 100%
5. wiping my ass with the mona lisa
6. bibleland
7. beyond batshit
8. wanking with chopsticks
9. during the mating season the kentucky warbird stands on one leg
10. powerballad
11. why does everything have to end in a group suicide with you?
12. it’s hard to do evil bidding on an empty stomach
13 cash for kidneys
14. captain hypocrite strikes again!
15. one more hour in this town and I’m gonna kill someone