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Live /This Will Destroy You release ‘Black Dunes’ video, announce European / US tour dates

This Will Destroy You release ‘Black Dunes’ video, announce European / US tour dates

This Will Destroy You unveil their new video for their epic ‘Black Dunes’ single!

The video, which premiered on Spin.com yesterday, was conceived and directed by Malcolm Elijah, who provided us with some background information about the making of the video:

“It centers around the fracturing of a young woman’s mind, her descent into self absorbed delirium. This transformation is set within a home that is equally broken- it lays abandoned and left at the hands of miscreants and transients.

The context can be framed as a dream within a dream of a young woman under a possessive trance.

I imagine the central female figure in several senses. In the beginning we pan into her mind as she wanders from field to house, encountering various scenarios of neglect and destruction. The video crescendos into the girl’s inner eye where it reveals a collection of twisted and obscure memories. In the end, the image of her shrinks into darkness.

This was shot over a few gray winter days in Texas. The quality of light is almost a character in and of itself, filtering through the hollow windows and across broken glass or smashed walls.

The effects going into the video are completely unique in that they incorporate a hyprid of digital editing techniques and analog video synthesis processes most heavily featured during the apex of the song. My goal ultimately was to abstract the format of which it was made; I kept imagining finding a fossilized alien video format and the effects you might see when you watched it.”

You can see more of Elijah’s work here:



You can buy the ‘Black Dunes’ b/w Holy Other’s ‘Woman In The Dunes’ Mix single on clear vinyl with black splatter, white vinyl with black splatter or black vinyl, or as 320 kbps mp3s or FLAC files from our new webshop here:


Listen to Holy Other’s ‘Woman In The Dunes’ mix here:

This Will Destroy You – Black Dunes (Holy Other’s Woman In The Dunes Mix) by Monotreme Records

The band is returning to Europe in March/April for another tour. Here are the dates:

20/03/12: Conne Island – Leipzig (D)
21/03/12: Lido – Berlin (D)
22/03/12: Hafenklang – Hamburg (D)
23/03/12: Cafe Glocksee – Hannover (D)
24/03/12: Juha – Stuttgart (D)
26/03/12: Ostwerk – Augsburg (D)
27/03/12: Rote Fabrik – Zürich (CH)
28/03/12: Fri-Son – Fribourg (CH)
30/03/12 : Le Grillen – Colmar (F)
31/03/12 : Le Sonic – Lyon (F)
01/04/12 : Point FMR – Paris (F)
02/04/12: Firebug – Leicester (UK)
03/04/12: Ivory Blacks – Glasgow (UK)
04/04/12: Moho – Manchester (UK)
05/04/12: Islington Academy – London (UK)
06/04/12: Dunkfestival – Zottegem (B)
07/04/12: Block 33 – Thessaloniki (GR)
08/04/12: Gagarin – Athens (GR)
09/04/12 : Bronx – Istanbul (TR)
11/04/12: Artika – St Pete (RU)
12/04/12: Plan B – Moscow (RU)
13/04/12: Hleb – Kiev (RU)

They are also about to start another US tour:

Jan. 28 — Denton, TX — Dan’s Silverleaf *%
Jan. 29 — Oklahoma City, OK — The Consevatory *%
Jan. 30 — Lawrence, KS — Jackpot Music Hall *%
Jan. 31 — St. Louis, MO — The Firebird *%
Feb. 01 — Chicago, IL — Lincoln Hall *^
Feb. 02 — Grand Rapids, MI — Pyramid Scheme *^
Feb. 04 — Toronto, ON — Lee’s Palace *^
Feb. 05 — Montreal, QC — Casa Del Popolo *^
Feb. 08 — Boston, MA — Royale #
Feb. 09 — New York, NY — Kaufman Center #
Feb. 10 — Philadelphia, PA — First Unitarian Church *^
Feb. 11 — Hoboken, NJ — Babbio Atirum at Steven’s Tech *^
Feb. 12 — Washington, DC — The Red Palace *^
Feb. 13 — Charlotteville, VA — The Southern *^
Feb. 15 — Atlanta, GA — The Earl *^
Feb. 16 — Birmingham, AL — Bottletree *^
Feb. 17 — New Orleans, LA — Siberia *^
Feb. 18 — Houston, TX — Warehouse Live *^

* with Amen Dunes
^ with Mountains
% with John LaMonica
# with A Far Cry, Slow Six