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Albums /Nedry to release 2nd album ‘In A Dim Light’ in March
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Nedry to release 2nd album ‘In A Dim Light’ in March

Nedry, whose stunning 2010 debut album, ‘Condors’, was heaped with praises from the media on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond, have completed their second album, ‘In A Dim Light’. We are very pleased to tell you that it is even better than their first album.

As their songwriting maturity and recording skills continue to grow by leaps and bounds, Nedry prove themselves more than worthy of all of those early praises and establish themselves as artists who will still be talked about and listened to for many years to come.

We are, of course, thrilled to be releasing this magnificent album in the year that Monotreme Records celebrates its 10th birthday. It perfectly encapsulates the qualities that we cherish in music: intelligence, beauty, soul – and mad skillz aplenty.

Nedry album cover

TITLE: ‘In A Dim Light’
CAT NO: Mono-65
TERRITORY: Worldwide
RELEASED: 12 March 2012
ARTWORK BY: Dan Tassell of Factory Fifteen


1. I Would Rather Explode (5:02)
2. Post Six (5:06)
3. Violaceae (4:53)
4. Havana Nights (5:40)
5. Dusk Till Dawn (3:08)
6. Float (6:49)
7. Land Leviathan (1:52)
8. TMA (3:03)
9. here.now.here (5:21)
10. Home (6:18)

Nedry – ‘Post Six’ and ‘Float’ from ‘In A Dim Light’ album by Monotreme Records

The album will be released on CD and digital formats and as a 180 gm vinyl edition of 500 on black (200 copies) or white (300 copies) vinyl with a free CD of the album and a free 12″ x 24″ poster. Pre-orders also come with free bonus tracks. We will have pre-order links from our web shop available very soon.


Nedry are a trio by way of London, Osaka and Guildford whose distillation of advanced rhythmic structures, low frequencies and raw human tones stand uniquely at a fascinating sonic crux of leftfield, club and indie juncture.

Drawing on the gothic undertones of David Lynch – and at points, absorbing T.S. Elliot’s ‘Four Quartets’, vocalist Ayu Okakita revels in ruminations urging acceptance of the shadows; to permit the darkness to settle around her.

British bass music clings to few modern regulations. As grey areas become inviting, zones of conflict are transformed into fertile new ground. Nedry are dictating a path that recognizes no genre, no structures, no rules. Ripping progressive dance culture out of the bedroom producers’ smoke stained confines and planting it resolutely on the live stage, Matt and Chris utilize MPC, laptops, guitars and synths to create a deep, thoughtful musical space.

Nedry are dissolving the distance between this cutting edge and hungry audience. Splicing a band aesthetic with the ‘heads down and thumbs up’ bass craft of the UK, they gift the faceless revolution of dark music an inviting visage within which we can all dwell.

As comfortable on the dancefloor of London clubs like The Boiler Room or FWD>> nights as they are onstage at The Great Escape or Barcelona’s Sonar electronic showcase – Nedry are the hypnotic, tender and evolving exponent of the delightful mutation that we face each day in Britain’s refreshingly wobbly musical culture.

“When a band is as good, as versatile and as daring as Nedry, you hope the wider world will stand up and take notice.”
Huw Stephens, BBC Radio1

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