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Albums /Kite vs Obelisk
Kite vs Obelisk

Kite vs Obelisk

by Ral Partha Vogelbacher

Formats: CD (Mono 04)

Release Date: 2003



1. War Horses Provide Presumptive Perspectives
2. Wrong Bike
3. Red Hot Tugboat
4. Walking A Sickly Bobcat South Of Your Cedar Infested Estate
5. Kite Carry Obelisk Over Lake Victoria
6. I’m A Jai Alai Kinda Guy
7. Jasper Downs, III
8. Spanish Ambassador
9. Luck On Every Finger
10. Night Stinger In The Night Shade
11. My Squire
12. Charge Of The Aral Sea Regulars
13. Take Me To Your Dacha