Monotreme Records Sat, 03 Mar 2018 16:09:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Midas Fall fourth album Sun, 25 Feb 2018 10:04:00 +0000 We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of Midas Fall’s magnificent fourth album, ‘Evaporate’ on the 27th of April.

Midas Fall, Evaporate

1. Bruise Pusher
2. Evaporate
3. Soveraine
4. Glue
5. Sword To Shield
6. Dust and Bone
7. Awake
8. In Sunny Landscapes
9. Lapsing
10. Howling At The Clouds

You can listen to the title track, which premiered on Prog/Team Rock, here:

Evaporate’ is a visceral display of ferocious beauty. Recorded in Argyll, Scotland, the album shimmers with a dark, gothic grace, delicate and brutal in equal measure. The title-track sweeps through tidal waves of Elizabeth Heaton’s towering vocals atop progressive post-rock landscapes both menacing and affirming, whilst the cinematic build of ‘Lapsing’ and the heavenly crush of final track ‘Howling at the Clouds’ pull vigorously at the heart. ‘In Sunny Landscapes’ is a magical, magnificently radiant world of its own, elegantly bringing its title to life.

Extremely emotive and vivid, ‘Evaporate’ is a deeply beautiful record – from the desperate, savage cacophony of ‘Bruise Pusher’ to the elegant ascension of ‘Sword to Shield’ – it conjures stunning soundscapes at every turn.

The album will be released worldwide by Monotreme Records on 27 April 2018 on CD and digital formats, as well as a limited pressing of 500 LPs on 180 g vinyl (200 black and 300 clear blue / black).

You can pre-order the album here:

Midas Fall will tour the UK in May 2018 and Europe in autumn 2018.

Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn: all instruments except drums on 2,3,5,6,8 and 10 played by Ross Cochran-Brash

Music by Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn
Lyrics by Elizabeth Heaton
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Elizabeth Heaton
Artwork by Ásgeir Helgi Þrastarson

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Monotreme 15th Anniversary Free Compilation CD and download Album Sun, 04 Feb 2018 07:48:50 +0000 Free 17-track CD and mp3 compilation album to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Monotreme Records

To celebrate our 15th year of releasing great music, we have created a 17-track digital (320 kbps mp3) compilation album showcasing our releases over the past five years.

We also have a limited edition CD version, which is included for free free when you order any CD or vinyl from the Monotreme Records web shop, or can be ordered separately for the cost of shipping only.


1. Khompa ‘Nettle Empire’ from ‘The Shape of Drums To Come’ (2016)
2. Niagara ‘ ‘Escher Surfers’ from ‘Hyperocean’ (2016)
3. Ed Tullett ‘Malignant’ from’ Fiance’ (2016)
4. Midas Fall ‘Push’ from ‘The Menagerie Inside’ (2015)
5. STEARICA ‘Tigris’ from ‘Fertile’ (2015)
6. Barzin ‘All The While’ from ‘To Live Alone In That Long Summer’ (2014)
7. Trophy Scars ‘Archangel’ from ‘Holy Vacants’ (2014)
8. Sorrow ‘Shadowed Doubt’ from ‘Dreamstone’ (2013)
9. Sleepmakeswaves ‘In Limbs And Joints’ from ‘And So We Destroyed Everything’ (2014 re-issue)
10. Oliver Spalding ‘Epoch’ from ‘Unfurl’ (2017)
11. Niagara ‘Vanilla Cola’ from ‘Don’t Take It Personally’ (2014)
12. M+A ‘When’ from ‘These Days’ (2013)
13. Stumbleine feat. Violet Skies  ‘We’re Shadows’ from ‘Dissolver’ (2014)
14. Sleepmakeswaves ‘One Day You Will Teach Me To Let Go Of My Fears’ from ‘In Today Already Walks Tomorrow’ (2014 re-issue)
15. Niagara ‘Seal’ from ‘Otto’ (2013)
16. Midas Fall ‘The Unravelling King’ from ‘Wilderness’ (2013)
17. 65daysofstatic ‘Radio Protector’ from ‘One Time For All Time’ (2005 vinyl re-issue)

Debut EP from soulful Brighton UK singer/songwriter Oliver Spalding, co-written and produced by Ed Tullett. Thu, 17 Aug 2017 13:20:43 +0000 Brighton-based Oliver Spalding’s debut EP ‘Unfurl’ is a huge, ambitious statement of intent. The 21 year-old’s soulful voice aches with the emotion and craft of one at least twice his age, whether soaring over synthetic walls of sound, or pitched down to a low siren against soft electronic drones.

Carefully scaled up from abstract ideas with producer Ed Tullett, Spalding’s first release showcases his haunting vocal amid a sparkling web of shimmering synthesisers and broken pianos, one moment grand and intricate, the next modest and intimate. Both ‘Hiraeth’ and the magnificently epic ‘Epoch’ reverberate with Spalding’s powerful, felt desire and despair, whilst ‘Unfurl’ creeps slowly to a labyrinth of staggered synths, and ‘Reverse Hurt’ twists and turns between eerie hums and glistening peaks.

Unfurl’ is out November 17th worldwide on Monotreme Records.

Oliver Spalding


KHOMPA: Cutting-edge drum/electronics-triggering project debuts live video on Ableton website – album ‘The Shape Of Drums To Come’ out in September Fri, 01 Jul 2016 08:19:43 +0000 Watch the debut video ‘Nettle Empire’ and read more about the project in an exclusive premiere and interview on the Ableton website.

In addition to touring Europe numerous times with his instrumental power trio STEARICA, sharing the stage with bands such as Girls Against Boys, Acid Mothers Temple, NoMeansNo, Dälek, Damo Suzuki and Coliseum, as well as working as a session player with several Italian acts, Davide Compagnoni has been hard at work developing his electrifying new solo project KHOMPA: an adventurous mix of drumming, electronics and cutting edge drum triggering technology.

KHOMPA is a unique audiovisual live act whose main elements are: a drummer, a conventional drum kit, 4 drum triggers, a laptop and a stepsequencer. Each drum controls a virtual musical instrument (synthesizers, samplers, etc.) within Ableton Live music software that, in combination with a custom stepsequencer (developed with MaxforLive app), allows Davide to perform real melodies/electronic orchestration without the use of any backing track, loops or click track. 100% live.

KHOMPA‘s live show will also be enhanced by an innovative custom lightning set that will be controlled by the same triggers used for the music.


1. Nettle Empire
2. Religion
3. The Shape
4. Louder
5. Upside-Down World
6. Make The Operator More Productive
7. D.A.C.
8. Wrong Time Wrong Place


The album will be available in digital and CD formats as well as a limited edition pressing of 500 180 g vinyl LPs with die-cut sleeve (300 copies clear red with black splatter; 200 copies black vinyl, which include a free album CD inside).

Pre-order the album from the Monotreme webshop.

Musically, ‘The Shape Of Drums To Come’ is a multifarious amalgamation of styles and genres. Whilst it is predominantly an electronic record, in keeping with the title (a tribute to the seminal ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’ by Refused), the album is laced with a brilliantly challenging punk attitude whilst flirting with the avant-garde, using experimental rhythms and atmospherics.

Tracks such as opener, ‘Nettle Empire’, combine complex rhythms with mellifluous and harmonious synth based melodies. It’s a clear display of technical prowess, without losing its intricate and well-formed composition and song structuring. Other tracks such as The Shape’ and ‘Louder’ lean more towards the heavier side of the spectrum, sonically sitting somewhere in between the harsh electronic noise of early-HEALTH and Fuck Buttons and Davide’s previous experimental/avant-rock output with STEARICA. Elsewhere, the record continues to develop and evolve with tracks such as ‘Upside-Down World’ moving into an altogether more progressive sound combining ambient and melancholic instrumentation with idiosyncratic Japanese guest vocals from Taigen Kawabe of Bo Ningen. ‘Wrong Time Wrong Place’ also features guest production and electronics by Davide Tomat from the experimental electronic pop band Niagara, of which Davide Compagnoni was a founding member.

This is the first album to ever be recorded live in this way, which is a monumental achievement in itself, however KHOMPA has managed to find the perfect balance between style and substance. ‘The Shape Of Drums To Come’ is a consummated and diverse release with a title that embraces the punk-meets-electronic attitude of the record, as well as the innovative side of the project itself. This album will have a clear appeal to the music tech crowd, but there is also a lot to be taken away from the album for those who know nothing about its methodology and everyone in between.
KHOMPA on YouTube

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Niagara to release new album ‘Hyperocean’ on 29 April Mon, 04 Apr 2016 12:45:18 +0000 Turin-based experimental-pop pioneers David Tomat and Gabriele Ottino return as Niagara for their third album, ‘Hyperocean’, out April 29th worldwide via Monotreme Records.

Listen to the track ‘Solar Valley’, which has premiered on Discobelle:

Niagara Hyperocean

1. Mizu
2. Hyperocean
3. Escher Surfers
4. Blackpool
5. Firefly
6. Fogdrops
7. Roger Water
8. Drift
9. Solar Valley
10. Twin Horizon
11. Alfa 11

Still retaining the band’s trademark pop edge, Hyperocean is Niagara’s most experimental effort to date, combining alternative electronica, dark-tinted psychedelia and funk, with sweeping arrangements complimenting spluttering rhythms and booming electronics, akin to digital alt-pop peers Lapalux, Mount Kimbie and Nosaj Thing.

The Italian duo have always had a driving concept behind their albums. Where their 2014 offering ‘Don’t Take it Personally’ focused on the struggle between technology and nature, ‘Hyperocean’ has allowed the band to conceptualise something that has inspired them from the start of their musical careers: Water. “Water is also the element from which Niagara started as a project, and so we felt the need to go back there to our beginning, to what really inspired us emotionally”, Tomat and Ottino explain. “Hyperocean is a pluri-dimensional planet almost completely covered in water. It changes continuously, reacting with whoever is visiting it by switching from one number of dimensions to another” At every turn the record is sonically considered; not only in concept, water also plays a central role in the production of the album, featuring hydrophone-recorded samples that help shape their “imaginary world made of water”.

‘Hyperocean’ presents 11 expansive landscapes that sculpt Niagara’s oceanic world. Ebbing and flowing between the eerie calm of ‘Drift’ and the violent, visceral waves of ‘Roger Water’, it shifts itself into new forms, like water itself. Opener ‘Mizu’, an eerie descent into unchartered territory, sets a fluid pace for the album, which surfaces for breath only at the delicate ‘Firefly’ before submerging again into a realm of aquatic ambience, decorated with textured synths and fluid basslines. Explosive cuts ‘Escher Surfers’ and ‘Solar Valley’ force the running order to flow between moments of serenity and calamity, much like the unpredictable nature of the seas, and the epic ‘Alfa 11’ slowly transforms into an all-encompassing, grandiose conclusion.

‘Hyperocean’ will be available on the 29th April on digital formats, CD and as a limited edition of 500 180 g vinyl LPs, (300 clear and 200 black) including a free album CD inside. You can pre-order it from our web shop.

Remixes for their previous album included contributions by Liars, Gonjasufi and Acid Pauli, and we can expect further inspired collaborations to emerge from Hyperocean.

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UK Alternative Electronic artist Ed Tullett signs to Monotreme Records, premieres track from ‘Fiancé’ album out 19 February Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:21:44 +0000 It is our great pleasure to announce the addition of Brighton, UK-based songwriter Ed Tullett to our roster. Ed’s album ‘Fiancé’ will be released worldwide on Monotreme Records on the 19th of February, 2016.

The album will be available as a digital download, CD, and a limited pressing of 300 180 g vinyl LPs on black vinyl with white splatter, which will also include a free CD inside.

Listen to the album track ‘Malignant’, which is track of the day on Clash Music

You can pre-order the album from our webshop.


1. Irredeemer
2. Malignant
3. Posturer
4. Canyine
5. Saint
6. Kadabre
7. Ply
8. Are You Real
9. Ivory

For a twenty-two year old solo artist, Tullett’s CV is remarkable to say the least; he has won acclaim for his remix of Bon Iver’s “Hinnom, TX”, which has led to further remix work with Local Natives and Ajimal. His ongoing collaborative work with Novo Amor has been praised by NPR and The Line of Best Fit, and had over 1 million Spotify plays. Tullett’s material has also been featured on TV shows including Pretty Little Liars, Bones and Catfish.

None of that prepares you for Fiancé, though – a rich, epic and ambitious first record. Tullett claims that he is “way past” his formative recordings, and the vast scope he demonstrates on this album – ranging from skittering R&B beats to dream pop keyboards, all held together by waves of Ed’s towering falsetto harmonies – is clearly the work of a refined creative spirit.

Across the record Tullett creates often huge, often hushed, gloomy landscapes, dripping in glistening darkness. “Saint” and menacing lead-single “Malignant” are beautifully crushing synthesized centerpieces, whilst the more organic “Posturer” and the cascading “Ply” are flooded with swells of densely layered soaring vocals, as poetically intricate as they are affecting.

Fiancé does not sound like the work of such a young artist. It also doesn’t sound quite like an electronica album, nor a folk record – it’s its own spiralling, consuming entity. Having stayed under the radar for so long, Ed Tullett has emerged as a fully-formed new voice to be reckoned with.

Twitter: / @edtullett
Instagram: @edtullett

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Midas Fall tour Europe in October-November to promote ‘The Menagerie Inside’ Fri, 23 Oct 2015 15:44:44 +0000 Alt/post/prog/goth/shoegaze outfit Midas Fall embark on a 6-week tour of UK/Europe in support of their new album, ‘The Menagerie Inside’, which was released last month on Monotreme Records.

The tour will take in numerous countries including UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria, and will include 9 dates supported by Raised By Swans.

Midas fall tour

The band recently raised over £1,500 towards their tour expenses via crowd-funding site Indiegogo – over 50% above their target of £1,000.

Italian post-prog-psychedelic-experimental rock trio STEARICA to tour Europe in October-November Fri, 23 Oct 2015 14:38:28 +0000 Post-prog-psychedelic-experimental rock outfit STEARICA from Turin, Italy embark on a European tour in October-November in support of their acclaimed second album, ‘Fertile’ – feat. Colin Stetson, Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys) and Ryan Patterson (Coliseum) – which was released worldwide in April on Monotreme Records.

A new live video for the track ‘Geber’ has just premiered on NOISEY (IT) and VISIONS Magazine (DE). Watch it here:

The trio has been busy sharpening their live performance at various gigs and top festivals across their native country this summer, after a short UK tour last spring.

In addition to shows in Belgium, Germany and Italy, the band will return to Spain for a few dates including AMFest in Barcelona with And So I Watch You From Afar and Maserati. Their previous visit to Spain included a slot at the prestigious Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona in 2011, where they arrived in the midst of the Indignants Protests, an event which, together with the Arab Spring uprisings, conceptually inspired their latest album, ‘Fertile’.

STEARICA have recently been back in studio working on fresh material for a new release which should see the light in the coming months.

STEARICA tour dates:

24/10 Gent (BE) @ Achterban
25/10 Liège (BE) @ Cercle du Laveu
26/10 Darmstadt (DE) @ Oetinger Villa
27/10 Munster (DE) @ Gleis 22
28/10 Bruxelles (BE) @ Concert Pour Ici
30/10 Chemnitz (DE) @ Club Atomino
31/10 Zerobranco (IT) @ AltroQuando
3/11 Zaragoza (ES) @Arrebato
04/11 Madrid (ES) @ Wurlitzer Ballroom
05/11 Tolosa (ES) @ Bonberenea
06/11 Barcelona (ES) @ La 2 – AMFest w. And So I Watch You From Afar, Maserati, El Ten Eleven
27/11 Roma (IT) @ Init

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Niagara release 18-track remix album ‘Don’t Take It Personally Remixes’ on 18 December Thu, 15 Oct 2015 05:43:02 +0000 Turin-based experimental pop duo Niagara will be releasing a digital 18-track remix edition of their ‘Don’t Take It Personally’ album, titled ‘Don’t Take It Personally Remixes’ on the 18th of December.

The pair, comprised of musicians/producers David Tomat and Gabriele Ottino, released their second conceptual album in September 2014, injecting elements of electronic, psychedelic, Eastern and EDM into more standard structures of Western pop music. It has now been given the deluxe remix treatment it deserves, with trade-mark reworks from the likes of Gonjasufi, Fennesz, Liars and Acid Pauli. It’s an interesting blend of booming electronics, blissed out psychedelia and pastoral textures, a genre-bending collection of remixes that never fails to surprise and excite.

While Liars stick to their tried and tested hard and chaotic style, avant-garde master Christian Fennesz utilizes some of the furthest extremities of the remix genre, expanding on the aesthetic of the original and delivering a mesmerising work-out built on originality and authenticity. Warp darling Gonjasufi provides the perfect soundtrack for a journey through desolate landscapes and Acid Pauli a moody yet thoughtful approach, perhaps typical from a member of The Notwist.

Niagara will be back with their third full length album next year, pushing the boundaries of studio production once again.

‘Fennesz shakes up the original, breaking the track apart into glitching pieces only to spin those back into sonic gold’ FACT

‘Liars turn in a hard hitting rework, transforming the original into an altogether more dance floor focused piece in their typically chaotic style’ XLR8R

‘The tune is thoughtful, liberal with the bleep-bloopy, and overflowing with moody tones’ THUMP



1. Popeye (Niagara Remix)
2. Currybox (Acid Pauli Remix)
3. Bloom (Titta Remix)
4. John Barrett (Silvio Franco Remix)
5. Fat Kaos (Bienoise Remix)
6. Else (Liars Remix)
7. China Eclipse (Grand Pavilion Remix)
8. John Barrett (Yakamoto Kotzuga Remix)
9. Vanillacola (Fennesz Remix)
10. Popeye (Merchants Remix)
11. Currybox (Gonjasufi Remix)
12. Laes (Furtherset Remix)
13. Vanillacola (XIII Remix)
14. John Barrett (Sun Of The North Remix)
15. Currybox (Perdurabo Remix)
16. Bloom (Reigns Remix)
17. Else (Diego Perrone Remix)
18. Popeye (Eesla Remix)



Midas Fall to release their third album, ‘The Menagerie Inside’ on September 4th Wed, 12 Aug 2015 15:11:30 +0000 UK quartet Midas Fall will release their stunning third album, ‘The Menagerie Inside’, worldwide on the 4th of September 2015.

The album will be available on CD and digital download formats, as well as a limited edition 180-gram vinyl LP on black or translucent purple with black splatter, with a free album CD and poster inside.

Stream the track ‘Circus Performer, which premiered on God Is In The TV and Revolver Magazine:

Watch a live video of the band performing ‘Tramadol Baby’, filmed live at the Blue Room in Blackpool by Weird Wolf Media:

Pre-order the album here.

Mono-98 Midas Fall album cover 1500 px


1. Push
2. Afterthought
3. Circus Performer
4. Counting Colours
5. Low
6. The Morning Asked and I Said No
7. Half a Mile Outside
8. Tramadol Baby
9. A Song Built From Scraps of Paper
10. Holes

Once described as “powerful yet fragile, devastatingly beautiful and beautifully devastating” by The Founder Magazine, UK-based quartet MIDAS FALL have carved a distinctive and captivating sound, fusing elements of electronica, post-rock, shoegaze and alternative rock with progressive and gothic undertones to create taut, shimmering soundscapes led by the hauntingly melancholic vocals of Elizabeth Heaton.

Forged in Edinburgh, Scotland and now based in the north of England, the eclectic collective – founding members Heaton and Rowan Burn (guitar, piano) with Steven Pellatt (drums/percussion/piano) and Chris Holland (bass) – has spent the past year composing the follow-up to their 2013-issued Wilderness full-length. Titled The Menagerie Inside, MIDAS FALL’s third long player was captured live at Red Wall Studios, mastered by Seattle legendary engineer Ed Brooks (Pearl Jam, Caspian, Fleet Foxes et al) and offers up ten sprawling tracks of sonic enormity. From the sorrowing echo of wilting violins in “Counting Colours,” to the emotionally gutting close of “Circus Performer,” the forty-six-minute epic is as heavy sonically as it is cerebrally. An introspective journey through dark and light, The Menagerie Inside is at once graceful, urgent and star-gazingly compelling. Cascading riffs ebb, flow and surge into rich, ethereal piano crescendos, the weight of Heaton’s delicate angelic resonance adding depth to her every echoing word. With The Menagerie Inside, MIDAS FALL manifests a sound and atmosphere that’s organic, emotionally stirring and habitually awe-inspiring, further verifying the strength of their songcraft and musicianship.

Comments the band of their latest creation, “We wanted to capture the energy of our live shows, so we took a different approach this time by recording the album live.”

The album will be released worldwide September 4th, 2015 on Monotreme Records in CD and digital download formats, as well as a limited edition 180-gram vinyl LP in black or translucent purple with black splatter, with a free album CD and poster inside.

For fans of Cocteau Twins, Caspian, Daughter, Immanu El, A Perfect Circle, Jenniferever, Aereogramme, Evanescence

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Midas Fall will be on tour in Europe this autumn:

Oct 24 – Blackpool, GB
Oct 30 – Preston, GB
Oct 31 – London, GB
Nov 1 – Sigen, DE
Nov 4 – Warsaw, PL
Nov 5 – Bielsko, PL
Nov 6 – Presov, SK
Nov 7 – Budapest, HU
Nov 8 – Belgrade, Serbia
Nov 9 – Novi Sad, Serbia
Nov 11 – Thessaloniki, GR
Nov 12 – Serres, GR
Nov 13 – Volos, GR
Nov 14 – Athens, GR
Nov 15 – Patras, GR
Nov 16 – Ioannina, GR
Nov 17 – Plovdiv, BG
Nov 18 – Sofia, BG
Nov 19 – Bucharest, RO
Nov 20 – Iasi, RO
Nov 21 – Cluj Napoca, RO
Nov 22 – DAY OFF
Nov 23 – Zupanja, CR
Nov 26 – Berlin, DE
Nov 27 – Frankfurt, DE
Nov 28 – Brussels, BE