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Nedry photo

Nedry (photo by Holly Falconer)


Nedry create music to bounce to, rock-out to and get lost in. Their beautiful sound and arresting beats are from and for the ‘post-’ generation. Their sound is dark and ambient but broken-up and lifted by moments of glitch and fuzzy, melodic guitars. Both live and on record they use innovative production techniques to create a truly original sound.


Official band website: here


UK/Europe: will{at}

Press and Radio promotion

UK press by Hermana PR: ken{at}
UK radio by Rocket: prudence{at}

German press by Starkult PR: eike{at}

Rest of Europe press and radio by 5ive Roses: press{at}

North American press: US/Them: Dave Clifford dave {at}
North American radio: AAM

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